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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ep 17) Review July 30, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.
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Sorry guys, I know this review is a little late but I’ve been busy all weekend. Playing basketball over the weekend, I fell and sprained the tendon in my right hand. I recently got a new table and book shelf from IKEA. Thanks to my kind family who helped me put it together (since I had an injured hand, i couldn’t even life a book). Anyways, my whole room was out of comission as I had to rearrange everything, so getting on the computer was out of the question. But here I am, here is my review of episode 17 of Higurashi.

Nothing unexpected happens in this episode, except near the end.  If you’ve been watching and keeping up with Higurashi you’ll remember that Satoshi runs away.  Well you see that happen in this episode.  So, Satoshi is getting desperate and plans to kill his aunt.  Well, he pulls it off and kills his aunt.  The investigation starts and the inspectors are suspicious of him.  Shion tries to cover for him and says that he was with her the entire night of the festival.  Obviously, this brings Shion trouble.  The Sonozaki family finds out Shion is in town and has been fiddling with Satoshi.  They are unhappy and bring Shion to the undergroud temple where she is forced to repent for her actions and thoughts and they rip her finger nails off.  Yup~  They rip three of her finger nails off.  Watching that part wasn’t my favorite but anyways, the episode ends quickly.  Satoshi has run off and they claim they found the culprit to the murder of Satoshi’s aunt.  They claim it was some psychopath killer.  Of course we know it is not, but that what everyone thinks.  And the episode ends.

Once again, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has continually proven to be a really messed up series.  I really hope that they will do something that will connect all these arc together.  I feel like I am running in circles.  -_-

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