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Anime Expo 2006 Loot July 10, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Merchandise.

Coming back from Anime Expo, my trunk was filled with crap that I had bought. The picture below captures some (if not most) of the items that I acquired over Anime Expo.

Now like every convention people have to buy stuff. I, like everyone else, bought stuff. Now I know the picture above is hard to see, but one thing about me can be said about this picture.

[I spend WAY too much money on Anime items]

But like adun50 used to say,”Money doesn’t matter when you have a BURNING PASSION!” And I humbly agree with what he said. 🙂

Anyways, I assure you that some of the items you see above; I did not buy. The Broccoli Panel gave out bags of goodies and posters. Booths such as ADV, Geneon and Broccoli had freebies for everyone who went to check out their booth. Such as postcards or little pins and what not. Broccoli, like every con, gives you a ticket for every $10 dollars you spend. And each ticket enables you to draw from a basket of prizes. Of course the prizes are not great, but they are prizes none the less.

So here goes the list…

Freebie Items (Items that were free):
– Strawberry Marshmallow Postcard
– Fate/Stay Night Postcard
– Elemental Gelad Postcard
– Disgaea Postcard
– Di Gi Charat Collector Cards (x2)
– New Di Gi Charat Anime Postcard
– Di Gi Charat mini-fan (x2, Dejiko and Puchiko)
– Aquarian Age Clear Plastic Poster
– Galaxy Angel Postcard and Bookmarks
– Hirameki Plastic Handfan
– Dejiko Pirate Poster
** and a whole bunch of other stuff that isn’t worth listing but you get the point.

Paid Items (Items that I bought):
– Tofu Records Plushie
– Limited Edition Koge Donbo Clock and Chocola Selection Artbook
– Dejiko Plushie
– Rin Tōsaka Plushie
– Koge Donbo’s Newest Manga: Yoki Koto Kiku
– Elementar Gelad (a.k.a. Erementar Gerad) Vol. 1 + Box Special Edition
– Madlax Vol. 1 + Box Special Edition
– Strawberry Marshmallow Vol. 1 + OST Special Edition
– Random Koge Donbo clear plastic poster (It’s hella cute, I think its Pita Ten, but then again I am usually wrong)
– Myth Fruits Basket Sidebag
– Hourglass of Summer (Hirameki Interactive DVD)
– Tea Society of a Witch (Hirameki Interactive DVD)
– Amusement Park (Hirameki Interactive DVD)
– Day of Love (Hirameki Interactive DVD)
– Fate Stay Night Rin Tōsaka Towel Poster (Kinda like my Rozen Maiden one, its same material)
– Manga Moods minibook
– Rozen Maiden Traumend Artbook
– Fate Stay Night Fan Artbook
– La Cerisaie Artbook
– Naru Nanao Illustrations (Artbook of the artist of Shuffle!)
– Kamichu! DVD Vol. 1 + Box Special Edition
– Saikano: Another Love Story OVA DVD

More pictures below:
You can clearly see my autographed Koge Donbo Clock, my very cute Rin plushie, and my Tofu plushie.
Here you can see my CLAMP shikishi, and a very very cute Dekjiko Poster of her in a pirate costume! She’s holding a knife and shes going to shank someone!Some random postcards of Disgaea and a clear poster of some anime. It looks a lot like Pita Ten, but i am probably wrong. In the corner you can see a Anime Network T-shirt, I won this when ADV was throwing free crap over their booth. Lucky? Naw, I didn’t grab it, a friend grabbed it for me.A pack of start sets. Elementar Gelad, Madlax, and Strawberry Marshmallow. Some postcards, some pins and Koge Donbo’s new manga. Also some Di Gi Charat collector cards.A close up of my Limited Edition Clock signed by Koge Donbo. >_<A close up of my shikishi, signed by CLAMP. They even wrote my name in Japanese (Hiragana).A close up of my [Myth] Fruits Basket sidebag. I was looking for a bag with a good design and that didn’t have some anime logo all over it. I found this and it was perfect.Games from Hirameki; Tea Society of a Witch, Hourglass of Summer, Days of Live, and Amusement Park. All interactive DVDs. They had a buy one get one free deal, so it was pretty good.Artbooks: Fate/Stay Night Visual Fan Book, Rozen Maiden Traumend Artbook, Manga Moods minibook (very kawaii), La Cerisaie Artbooki, Naru Nanao Illustration Artbook, and in the back a Fate/Stay Night Cloth Towel. Thinking about framing it.Again, the same thing but closer up.Again, another close up of my artbooks. A close up of my Fate/Stay Night Rin Cloth towel. All folded up 🙂 Kamichu Vol. 1 + Boxset of Kamichu! and the Saikano: Another Love Song OVA DVD. Good stuff! 🙂

So I got a lot of stuff. I probably won’t be buying anything for a while 😉 So this is the post for my loot. Enjoy.



1. A.C. (Shamensyth) Arciaga - July 11, 2006

You know you have to surrender most of this stuff to me… So says Shana and Suigin Tou.

Just kidding bro. ^^

Nice loot you got there.

I personally like the RM Artbook, Saikano OVA DVD….


They’re all nice to won. ^^

2. Adun - July 14, 2006

good to see my quote being used like that. after reading many people’s reviews of Anime Expo makes me want to go next year. but unfortunetly overseas trips aren’t exactly something you can do so easily. hope you enjoy all your merchandise.

3. Norikiyo - July 18, 2006

You got the Rin cloth towel which I don’t have, you’re under arrest Ben! (;.;)

Great pictures for great stuff, good job. d(^,^)b

4. Chris McDougall - August 25, 2006

The Dejiko Pirate poster is actually Dejiko as Peter Pan. Koge-Donbo did a Peter Pan theme that was in Chocola that portrays Dejiko as Peter, Puchiko as Tinkerbell, Rabi as Wendy, and Piyoko as Tigerlily. A very cute theme.

5. wohnzimmer einrichten landhausstil - November 2, 2015

I will right away grab your rss feed as I can’t find your email subscription link or newsletter service.
Do you’ve any? Kindly permit me understand in order that I may subscribe.


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