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Dai Mahou Touge (eps 1-2) Review July 12, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

Dai Mahou Touge (eps 1-2): Going into this I was expecting another Dokuro-chan, and while the gore is leveled down a little, there are definitely some similarities. Start with your average princess from the magic world, who has to perform a task on Earth before she can become queen, so she ends up in a normal school setting–so far, this could be a mahou shoujo series. Where it starts to diverge from your normal mahou shoujo is that the princess is bent on world domination, brings vegetables to life to beat the holy living Jesus out of her school’s delinquents, knows a variety of bone-crushing wrestling moves, and has a cute-looking mascot who’s just waiting for the perfect chance to kill her. Plus instead of “Release!” her staff answers to “Lyrical Tokarev…kill them all!” with “kill them all” in English. Overall, it’s pretty funny, but this is just the kind of insane humor I like. There isn’t as much fanservice as Dokuro-chan (plenty of panty shots though), and there’s no male lead whatsoever–there’s some kind of test the princess has to pass to be queen, but since it’s a short OVA series I’m not expecting much plot. Waku waku mascot village was pretty funny–cute mahou shoujo sidekick characters drinking, gambling, smoking, getting stabbed, thrown out windows…it’s like watching a bunch of Kero-chans on acid. The self-peeling vegetables were funny too.

And here is a little video, fan made of course…
Yuki Nagato in MUGEN



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