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Reflections on Anime Expo 2006 July 12, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

So I guess, it is impossible for me to remember everything about Anime Expo just by thinking about past week.

Anime News Network has done a wonderful job of summarizing and reporting the news for me so I won’t repeat what they said, but rather reflect and respond in my opinion on what happened at Anime Expo.

CLAMP Focus Panel and Press Conference
– Three words: Cool and Boring.  It was cool to see the creative minds behind CLAMP and the artist, but ‘damn’ this panel was rediculously boring.

CLAMP Panel Announcements

Anime News Network

A.D. Vision (ADV Films)


Digital Manga Publishing

Del Rey Manga


Viz Media

Dark Horse

Seven Seas Entertainment

G.D.H. (Gonzo)

Pop Japan Travel

Broccoli International

Bandai Entertainment

Tofu Records

Toonami Jetstream

The Right Stuf International

Geneon Entertainment USA

Funimation Entertainment

AX 2006 Licensing Roundup



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