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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ep 14) Review July 14, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

This series, filled with cute murderous lolis is still as messed up as ever.

Then again its the cute lolis that keep me watching~ 😉


This episode seems to be the start of a new arc. With K-1 no longer being the main character, instead it is some detective guy from outside. This arc seems to be in the past as you see Mion and Rika are both of younger age and the death of the dam creators have not occured. Rena has not even come to the village yet. In short, the story is simple. The president in charge of building the dam gets his son kidnapped. The police are assigned to the case. One guy is assigned to visit the village and figure shit out. He meets Rika, and weird stuff happens. Rika seems possessed in a short scene and warns the guy to leave. Naturally, he doesn’t take heed. The protestors of the dam building meet in secret talk about crap and they decide to keep an eye on the new guy in town (the police guy). Being the first episode, there was no bloodshed or anything freaky, except for the time Rika-chan was possessed. Considerably mild, compared to the past episodes this one was more of a plot builder. Hopefully we will see into the stories past and better understand what the hell happened. Again, like each Higurashi episode, it ends strangly and abruptly. Feeding you and pulling you in and forcing you to watch the next episode. 🙂

And in other news…I changed my dual-screen wallpaper again. This time I chose something with a bit more fire. Literally. The first one being my main screen, and the second being my extended.wall1.jpg
My opinion still holds as Shana being one of the cutest r0r1 girls ever. My dakimakura of Shana is still an excellent buy.



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