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New Kanon 2006 2nd Trailer July 14, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

Again, like all other Visual Arts/Key fans, this is a highly anticipated title. I hope it will be as vibrant and colorful as AIR was. Kyoto Animation is in charge of the animation, so its in the same style as AIR. (in case you didn’t know).

It is very good to know that TBS has rights to the DVD releases as well.  We can expect some really nice Limited Edition DVD Boxsets for this 😉



1. Ayu Tsukimiya - August 3, 2006

it’s wonderful!!!*_* uhm i have a question, you can send me this trailer by email? if you can^o^ thanks

2. Inner Sanctum - September 17, 2006

Saw a prelude of Kanon by Kyoto

I know I spoke of this earlier on in the year but if you are a long time reader of this blog, you’d know that I’d probably post about this again once the date arrives. Basically if you don’t know what Kanon is, I’d highly recomm…

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