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Pre/Post non-Anime Expo Items July 16, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Merchandise.

So, I didn’t just get stuff at Anime Expo but I also got stuff from other places like always.
Anime Expo is nice for getting stuff, but there are just some items you CANNOT find at Anime Expo.

newloot01.jpgSo this here is the Special Edition for AIR.  It comes with the movie (DVD), and 2 bonus DVD/CDs.  I am not sure exactly what they are, but I recall one being some type of soundtrack and the other being a drama CD?  Anyways, this was sitting in my “save for later” shopping bin at cdjapan forever, and I just finally decided to get it.

newloot02.jpgNow I know the following items probably were at Anime Expo, but I got them a month or so before Anime Expo.  Nothing could be done then.  Plus I doubt the Shuffle! one lasted very long at Anime Expo.  I did not see it in the dealers room.  One ‘Gunslinger Girls’ PVC figure of Henrietta.  Two ‘To Heart 2’ PVC figures.  One Shuffle! figure.

newloot03.jpgA Mint Lentil figure from the PC game.  And Al Azif.  Both figures are of extremely high quality, especially the Al Azif one.  I am probably going to have to find extra support for her.

newloot04.jpgAn Ichigo Mashimaro artbook, and the comprehensive Magical Lyrical Nanoha (Season 1 and Season 2) artbook.  Yes…the Nanoha book does contain partially naked loli’s 😉  The Ichigo Mashimaro is not as suggestive.

newloot05.jpgDengeki Moe-oh August 2006 Issue (with Original Body Pillow Cover).  Thats pretty much it.  The body pillow is 155cm by 80cm.  That is freaking massive, and I got it with magazine for $15.  Amazing deal.

newloot06.jpgA more detailed picture of that body pillow included.  I am definitely hugging that to sleep, and my Shana makura too >_<.

newloot07.jpgKoge Donbo’s Chocola 2002 Art Portfolio.  This package comes with 15+ framable pieces of art.  Very high quality and very cute.  I am planning on getting them posted in a large frame all together.  Don’t know if i have wall space though.

Well so thats about it….for now.
In queue from other shops and deputy services, I have the Mahoraba~Heartful Days~ Limited Edition DVD set.  Rozen Maiden Traumend Limited Edition DVD Set.  Peace@Pieces Artbook, Noizi Ito Lineart Artbook, こもれびに揺れる魂のこえ(Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe) Artbook and OST, Rozen Maiden (Kanaria) 1/8 PVC figure, and finally a Nanatsuiro Drops 2006 art calendar.

And still looking for more Noizi Ito goods. 🙂  Enjoy!



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