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Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte Z (ep 1) Review July 18, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

So someone has finally decided to FINISH this 2 episode + 1 Special series. A fansub for this has finally been made by [No-Subs]. And they made it in .mkv format too! 🙂  Lucky!  So starting with the review.  The intro music is very look and catchy like usual.  Actually I like it better than the first season.  The characters are all back including Posokichi.  In short the summary of this episode goes like this; the whole gang is filming in Osaka, everyone is having a great time except Asuka.  She has some deep inner hatred for Osaka and can’t seem to enjoy herself while off work and/or while filming.  Anyways, the evil maid takes this chance and plants a virus on her feeding off of her displeasure with being in Osaka.  It manifests and a virus blows out of proportion.  Everyone turns into…uhhh….various…uhh…funny looking things.  Look at the center screen cap from the picture above.  Yeah those things…anyways, so Komugi-chan fights the Maid that says “de gozaimasu wa” too much.  They have a certain section where they throw Colonel Sanders over the bridge like 4 times.  This anime does not get any more random than this.  Seriously.  Anyways, all ends well Komugi-chan wins and heals everyone.  This part of the animation is still the same.  Was kind of hoping for a new one, but oh well.  So in the end, everyone is happy, Asuka learns to not hate Osaka for whatever reasons and they have a big meal.  Komugi-chan ends up eating so much that she has to go to the hospital.

The subs by [No-Subs] are very good.  They added 2 subtitle streams, one in English and the other in Norwegian.  The video quality is great, the karaoke effects are pretty normal, but at least they are timed correctly.  The subs are very very plain.  All white with black thin border, very visible but not creative.  Guess I shouldn’t complain, at least the translation is extremely accurate.



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