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Peace@Pieces Artbook / Kanaria PVC Figure July 22, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Merchandise.

So I ordered these a long time ago…but the Peace@Pieces artbook was out of stock, so Animaxis had to backorder a few of them for me. It came very quickly to my surprise. Anyways, the pictures are below: Enjoy.

This here is the cover of the Peace@Pieces Artbook as you can see.  Along with the belt.  Pretty high quality, like all official artbooks.  Animaxis did one hellava job and packaged it very safetly.  Had to go through mounts of bubble wrap and air cushions just to get to this.

A close up of the cover…nothing to see here.

The back of the Peace@Pieces artbook.  2500yen, thats about right.

The book is comprised of character analysis and other stuff.  But occasionally you do get the nice big picture.  (eg. Hikaru and Nagi on the right)

I took this, because I wanted everyone to see the two cat’s getting some action. 🙂

And finally, another big picture of Hikaru and Nagi.  >_< This is a cute one.

This here is the new  Rozen Maiden Traumend SRDX Figure Series – Kanaria.  I usually don’t take them out of the box, as I have no where to put them. (No display case).  But as soon as I move, I will be sure to run to Ikea and get a nice display case for all my PVC figures.

A close up of the side.  This figure has a base, a very strange one because it is suppose to Kanaria kinda floating in the air.

The metal little pole which holds her up is to the right here..  As you can see.  I still have no idea how this thing is going to hold together -_-.  Oh well.

So that is my recently merchandise loot.  I have a few more things coming my way.  He is my Master R2 First Press DVD set, AIR Memories First Press DVD and a Noizi Ito Art Collection 1 & 2 DVD.



1. Adun - July 22, 2006

not really a fan of Kanaria. I found her really annoying in Traumend thus I didn’t order her. though you should order the Suigintou by Yujin, because everyone needs a Suigintou!

2. milkmandan - July 23, 2006

I am a big fan of Rozen Maiden…period. Anything RM I will look into. Lolz. And yes I already have my Sui pre-ordered 🙂

Yes! Everyone DOES need a Suigintou!

3. icie - July 24, 2006

Good stuff with the Itou Noizi purchases.

Spending quite a bit there eh. If you getting his art collection dvd’s from yhj…it must be quite costly.

4. Luxury - August 8, 2006

This is just in regards to the Peace@Pieces artbook. I was just woundering if there is alot of hentai in it? I’m thinking of buying it, and I know my parents wouldent be pleased if it has alot of nudity in it. I mean, a few pictures would be fine but not quater or half of the book.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry if I’m bumping anything. I just ran into this website doing a google search ’cause I was trying to find the answer to the question myself.

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