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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ep 15-16) Review July 25, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

So after being gone for the weekend, I had some time and decided to catch up on the recent episodes of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. So I sat down and decided to watch Episode 15.
Part 2 of the Omen arc, where Mr. Detective from the city comes to the village to investigate stuff. In a short synopsis, the story goes like this: The kidnappers get a doctor for the kid they captured. He is in pain for something unexplained. The doctor of the village comes to check him out. As the doctor is on his way home, he meets the two detectives. A short exchange of words and they are on their way. The detectives check out the house the Doctor just came from. They find that they have the kid, they beat them down. Mr. Detective from the city gets shot in the arm, but he lives and he saves the kid. Everyone is happy. The dam construction is abruptly put on hold. Mr. Detective tries to call his wife, but all the wires are cut. Rika-chan warns him that he shouldn’t call, it is the night of the festival. His wife dies that night, by falling down the stairs; and she also gives him a prophecy of all the coming deaths in the future years to come. Including her own death. The anime skips to a few years AFTER. (even after K-1) Apparently some nearby volcano erupted and leaked some poisonous gas and the whole village was quarantined. No one can enter. Mr. Detective meets up with Mr. Oishi and he learns of all the deaths. They think Rika-chan is some prophet and then the episode ends. No wait, this ARC ends. So although there was no blood, this arc was pretty messed up as it was. Didn’t make any sense to me.

Ahhh…starting a new arc of this series is like feeling fresh acid rain from Taiwan.  It appears that in this arc’s main character is Shion (Mion’s Twin Sister).  She wants to work/get a job, so she works near the village under the cover of acting as her sisters double.  Apparently, their family couldn’t allow there to be two successors so they sent Shion out of the village into the city as an outcast.  She feels no resentment and doesn’t really care.  Anyways, Shion comes to the village and starts to have feelings for Satoshi.  She grows to like him a lot, like him so much that Shion starts to blame Satoko for Satoshi’s weariness and lack of ability to be happy.  This episode is set in the time period before K-1 and after the detective left the village in the previous arc.  You could call it the middle.  I am guess this arc will be the arc explaining Satoshi’s disappearance.  Anyways, the episode ends really weird.  Shion wants to take Mion’s place at school for one day, and while she is there, she offers to eat lunch with Satoshi as an act of kindness and he blows her off.  As Satoshi leaves the room, Satoko drops her food on the ground and starts bawling and crying for her ni-nii (Satoshi).  Shion gets super pissed and starts to beat the crap out of Satoko.  After a few mintues Rika, and Rena try to stop Shion, but not before Satoshi comes back.  He’s pretty pissed at Shion.  Episode pretty much ends here.  Shion is sad, and is apologizing to her sister Mion for kinda screwing with her reputation.  Yeah and it ends here.

Seriously…this anime is pretty messed up.  The arcs all seem to link together.  Certain events always happen, for exmaple, the Himi Festival always takes place and someone always dies because of the curse.  We know that Rika dies, and we know that Satoshi rans away.  Each arc seems to hold his/her main character, and this character is possessed by the curse.  The actions of each of these characters do not seem to match up at all.  Strange strange strange…



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