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Ichigeki Sacchu!! Hoi Hoi-san Review August 28, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime, 一撃殺虫!! ホイホイさん.

I had to watch it this, mainly because Kugimiya Rie is the Voice of Hoi Hoi-san.

Don’t really want to do a summary, because that’s just stupid. I will leave you to watch it.

Anyways, the premise of the story is pretty simple. Insects have developed immunity to all types of insecticides, so they create miniature sized robots to exterminate the bugs. Hoi Hoi-san is a line of robots that performs incest INSECT extermination. (THANKS icie)

I recommend this to everyone. It is short, sweet and funny. Too bad this is only an OVA and no squel of any kind. Oh well.