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’nuff said… August 4, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

Region: Japan / World
Category: Anime / TV / Business
Date: August 04, 2006

TOEI Animation and Disney Create Joint Anime

   TOEI Animation and Walt Disney Television International Japan (WDTI-J) have announced plans for a jointly-produced TV anime, having signed the contract in July.

Tentatively entitled “Roboties”, their first joint project is an adventure story about miniature robots. The animated shorts will be filmed using a combination of computer graphics and live-action photography. The series will be aired on WDTI-J’s Disney animation specialist channel, Toon Disney, which is broadcast in 80 countries and 25 languages throughout the world, with a potential viewership of 279 million subscribers. “Roboties” is scheduled to be a part of the JETIX action-adventure programming block. TOEI Animation’s projects have long had a strong Disney influence, making the partnership seem like a natural choice to many industry watchers. This will be TOEI Animation’s first venture into the field of CG anime.

***Taken from Animaxis News section

Disney doesn’t know how to create an anime.  Their animation department already FAILS at the CG department.  The ONLY thing keeping them alive is PIXAR, and the only reason why PIXAR decided to sign on with Disney for another few years was because Disney gave them a better and newer contract that wouldn’t rip them off of all their royalities from squels.  It’s a damn good thing that I never watch ABC.  A company as evil and immoral as Apple doesn’t deserve my viewership.



1. Windbell - August 5, 2006

I only liked PIXAR studios 🙂 Toy Story’s lovely, CARS’s great too. A jointed-produced TV anime with TOEI Animation would certainly produce interesting results.The other thing that keeps Disney alive “could” probably be Disneyland :p

2. milkmandan - August 5, 2006

good point Windbell.
But Disney does own ABC and ESPN so those could be another reason

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