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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ep 18) Review August 9, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime, ひぐらしのなく頃に.

Okay, I will not deny the fact that this series is kinda freaky. But time and time again, this anime series just doesn’t make any sense. Just when you think you understand a certain character, or just when you think you understand the whole story, the anime just shows you something really random and freaky to totally throw you off. I personally think this is why this anime is so great. It’s not predictable, and I can sit down and watch an episode and expect something different each time.

Anyways, in short for the summary. This episode is continuing on with The Detective Chapter, it is now Part III. To my amazement they did something quite un-expected. They sped the time-line up, to Keiichi. And they show Shion’s side of the story during the time that Keiichi was around. It is a good recap as we get to see Shion’s perspective on a lot of the things. Especially, how she feels towards K-1 and her emotions for Satoshi. Anyways, we even get to see Mion develop a little bit of jealousy towards Rena, because K-1 gave the bear to Rena. This part was good satire for the series, it was funny and had cute art.

So the episode starts out…Shion is told that Satoshi has been “demon-ed” away. Trying to do some research at the library, Shion bumps into Takano. More like Takano finds Shion there. Takano is quite the researcher and has dug up quite a bit of information about the curse of Oyashiro-sama. This is an interesting part, because Takano tells Shion of the old Cannibal Demons (half-human, half-demon) that take humans from the mountains and gut them like a fish, and then cast their intestines into the river. We remember this happened to K-1 some episodes back. *Or so we think. Anyways, Takano gives Shion her research notes for her to look over. In the next scene, Mion visits Shion in the city to try to apologize for what happened down in the torture cellar. Somehow, here, Shion’s demon side is born or something and attacks Mion, thinking that Mion and Onibaba had something to do with Satoshi being “demon-ed” away. But as Shion finds out, Mion went through the same pain of nail removal and that she is not guilty of the disappearance of Satoshi. Shion tells herself that Mion is trustworthy. And so the episode skips forward in time here. We get to see how Shion meets Keiichi for the first time, and how Mion feels towards K-1. Long story short, they recapped the entire first 6-7 episodes into 10 mintues. The festival comes around, and as we know Shion, K-1, Takano and Tomitake go into the festival temple. In there Shion hears footsteps, originally thinking it was Satoshi, she realizes that it is something else. As the festival ends, Shion is back at her family estate sleeping, and wakes up in the middle of the night to find that Mion is not there. She sneaks around the house and secretly discovers the fact that Onibaba and Mion know that Takano and Tomitake were in the festival temple. They say the curse of Oyashiro-sama has struck again. Confused, the telephone in the hall way starts to ring. And she hears and feels a presence behind her. Thinking back to what Rena told her about the fore-coming of the curse of Oyashiro-sama, she realizes what it is. She turns around and finds Mion staring down at her, with a pretty evil/freaky look. The episode ends and once again, the DAMN Higurashi committee forces us to wait another damn week to find out what happens.

I love this series. The cute loli’s are probably the only thing keeping me sane.

Look at 12:37 and 14:07.
“I think I’ve had enough of Keiichi’s perversion.”



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