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It’s official… August 10, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Merchandise, Web Design.

It’s official…I am now a part of SPJA upper level managment. I am one of the head website designers for SPJA/AX.  My official position is the new head of E-Publications, working in collabortion with BAM! and other people to create the AX website, SPJA website and hopefully a more successful AX Backstage website.

Working for anything that has no pay, volunteer based, comes with some rewards.  In this case it is perks.  Some of the perks are as follows:
– I get to go to Anime Expo for free
– My room is paid for at Anime Expo (with another roommate)
– I get to enter in as Staff/Press
– I get to meet industry people
– I get free shit
– Lots of free shit

So yesturday, I had my informal interview, everything went smoothly, and to my surprise I was sent off with a bag of goodies.  For doing nothing.  I haven’t done a single page of design, and I was given free shit.

Well, thats good news for me.  Horray!~

So here are the things I got for free.  It’s not much, but its pretty good.  Considering the fact that it was FREE.  Yay! I now have 2 copies of Card Captor Sakura Clow Book, and 2 copies of Erementar Gerad Vol. 1.  If only Cisqua was loli >_<.  Well they did make her look pretty damn hot, so no complaints there.  And then there is the complete collectors edition for Ninja Scroll TV series and the complete collection of J2 (which i have not seen or heard). -_-

I also happened to get the Limited Complete Box set for Samurai Champloo.  That was my biggest highlight.  I was planning on spending $150 on that set, but oh well.  I got it FOR FREE.  And again, I now have 2 copies of the starter set for Kamichu!  And I now have Vol. 1 of Kiddy Grade.




1. Adun - August 12, 2006

that’s pure awesome my friend. I’d like a CCS Clowbook. also good to hear that you are a part of AX staff, being a staff member is totally different to being an attendee.

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