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Peace@Pieces Hik@ru Death Cloth PVC August 11, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

Like so many others.  When I saw this at AX, I could not give it up.  I had to get it, and when I heard that it became available for pre-order I instantly slapped down my order.  And finally, yesturday, it arrived!

Yessh~ That is the head of my cat.  He is as interested as I am in Hikaru.  Such a nice PVC, everyone must stop to gaze at Hikaru’s cuteness, even felines!

I am wary of taking out of the box just yet, as I do not have a display case, and probably wont be getting one too soon.  My room as no space for a display case.  😦  I’ll have to wait for now.  The box the figure came in, is really nice.  HLJ did a good job of packing.  No damage to the box what-so-ever.

A minor close up of Hikaru.  *sorry for the blurriness
Anyways, this figure has some crazy fine detail for a PVC.



1. LuXuRy - August 13, 2006

Nice figurine!!

Mine is still shpping. I regret not spending the extra 10 dollars on EMS.

Ah well, she’ll get here when she gets here!

Nice website by the way. I’ve been thinking about strating one of my own, any suggestions for good hosts?

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