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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS August 14, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

Yes it is true. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is getting a 3rd series. And you would think they would finish it off when you saw them all grown up. But now that they are all in “high school” the anime doesn’t hold that innocent loli cuteness to it anymore. I don’t even think it can be called Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. *sigh* I am partially disappointed at the fact that they made another one, because now the anime is just different. But I am excited in what story and plot development they throw in. We need to see MORE CHRONO ACTION DAMN IT. He’s better than them all!

The title oddly reminds me of something like Salior Moon SuperS, or Sailor Moon Starlight SSSSS.S -_-



1. Thu - August 17, 2006

well wat month is it out?? also it gonna have english sub. right?

2. AnimaticallyInsane - August 25, 2006

wat the heck i thought it would be better as they are a bit more grown up and they are in high school…….doesnt it make it better? (it does to me)

as for the story i think the story would be more complex and more exciting and yes i hope we can see more of chrono

3. MewTeh - August 29, 2006

It awesome to see magical girl lolis kick ass. You don’t see that too often…

High school is too common.. Nanoha and Fate dealing with those serious situations was quite impressive for grade schoolers.. if they are really mature in that time, then they must be perfectly fine when dealing with High School problems.

Chrono action is pretty much needed…

4. AnimaticallyInsane - September 4, 2006

hey got some pics of the series…heard that it came out from a japanese magazine….courtesy of Yurikamome.net

btw im wondering whos the girl in the background with grey hair….is she going to be a new character in the series or is she there for show….

5. Haseo - September 6, 2006

She isn’t in the backround but resting on Hayate’s hand, don’t you recognise Reinforce ?

6. milkmandan - September 6, 2006

Haseo is right. Thats Reinforce, remember at the end of Season 2? Apparently, this picture just has a chibi picture of Reinforce. I think Hayate is the only person with a staff that has a physical character.

Anyways, so they are older -_-..hmm….
hmmmm..Fate is older…not sure..if….ehh……

i am kinda disappointed..but i guess it would be screwed up if they were went back to being little girls..

7. Haseo - September 6, 2006

well, they could make the plot like Metantei Conan (A spell that make them little kids again ^^)

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