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Peace@Pieces & Moe-tan PVC Figures August 17, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Merchandise.

Here are a few things that arrived in the mail for me. Stuff I got from HK-Gensen. They are a good online store. They don’t sell crap, but they really do NOT do a good job on packaging their items. The big box came to me with dents and everything. It was like the box was thrown into some hurricane. Good store, bad packing. To my demise one of my boxes was slightly damaged.

Anyways, I got the entire set of Moe-tan English Word Trading Box mini-figure collection. 5 cute girls as mini-figure collectibles. I also got Akizuki Nagi PVC figure from Peace@Pieces. I got her for a discount price! And finally, my 2nd Momose Hikaru PVC figure also from Peace@Pieces. Different from my Death Cloth Version, but just as adorable and cute!

All I need now is a nice display case……..

Enjoy the pictures!

Since I do not have a display case yet, I am in no hurry to open the boxes of my Moe-tan collection. But none the less here it is. All 5 of them.

Box art of the Moe-tan figure collection. They sent to me the individual boxes, so I do not have the bigger box that was suppose to hold them.

So that’s it for my Moe-tan collection. I didn’t want to take them out of the box, so I just nabbed pictures from HK-Gensen. They won’t mind. 🙂

And like I said, I got other figures as well.

Momose Hikaru 1/8 PVC figure is by far my favorite of the pack…

Okay, so I realize that maybe the angle in which I took the picture was a little bit weird. Looking up at her skirt -_- but it was the only way I could take it straight without getting glare from the plastic. As you can see, the box was damaged! Stupid HK-Gensen and their shitty packing. I am sad that it was my Momose box that had to take the beating. >_< Oh well…

Some more pictures. Good Smile Company really does a fine job with the facial details. From the expression to the eyes, to the hair. Very nice.

More evident damage to the box. I really hope the figure isn’t damaged, I will probably have to open it up to check. Comparing the picture of Momose on the box with the actual figure, they are almost identical. Good Smile Company is probably my current favorite figurine company. They really do a good job.

Some random pictures of the back of the box. High quality figure. Recommended for ANY fan of Noizi Ito, Peace@Pieces or just high quality cute figures in general.

The next figure is Akizuki Nagi also from Peace@Pieces.

Again, excuse me for the random panty shot. -_- It was not intentional.

And the box is perfect! With NO damage! At least I know this figure is safe.

A close up. And much like the Momose Hikaru figure, the quality and detail is utterly amazing. This is probably one of my best buys, considering the price of it. ($28.00)

And of course the back of the box.

So that’s about it for my recently acquired merchandise. All the figures above were bought at HK-Gensen. A very good company, but their packaging was a little lower than below average. Maybe someone else will have better luck. They just bubble-wrapped all the boxes and then crammed it in a larger cardboard box, and the placed a whole ton of postage stamps on it and wrote my address on it. No EMS, no nothing. Oh well, I guess that is the price for quality and bang-for-buck.



1. LuXuRy - August 18, 2006

Nice figurines!

I would order from Gensen but I don’t think they take paypal as a payment method.

By the way, how large is your figurine collection?

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