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Rozen Maiden – Oubertüre 3rd Season? August 21, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime.

Hopefully the title did catch some eyes.

But our horrible demise, it is NOT a 3rd season, but a Suigintou OVA.

Apparently, they thought that Suigintou was too cool and too awesome to have her story end like that.  So they decided to make a OVA or an omake for Suigintou.  They better have some Suiseiseki in there, or I am going to be hella pissed.

*sigh* Looks like I’ll be hunting down for this First Press DVD when it comes out.  But that is a while from now.  For now, we don’t even know when this is going to be shown/released.  Anidb has not even confirmed it yet.  Well the news was released Today (August 21, 2006), so maybe I am just ahead of myself.



1. icie - August 23, 2006

suigintou is a cool character though. I liked how she was evil, and apparently heaps of other people also like how she was evil. So it would be cool to see an OAV for her, maybe her back story, maybe show when she is not such evil.

2. AnimaticallyInsane - August 30, 2006

its an OVA only on Suigintou

damm thats sad but shes still good so not a big loss there….but is this after or before the rozen maiden series started?

3. DJBigz - September 9, 2006

your damn right there better be Suiseiseki. ill die if i dont have more DESU!

maybe its after the second season where she fonaly realizes fighting isnt the answer and lives with the other dolls

4. clahh - September 24, 2006

mann! cant wait till third season!!! well u know wat Suigintou is not really all THAT cool but i think shes good. i hope that theyll b some new characters. but aside from all that cant wait till thrid season! i also hope that this season is longer than the other 2 season cuz the only hadd like 20 something episodes i think. cant wait till thrid season yeahh! ^^

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