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Zero No Tsukaima (eps 1-7) Review August 24, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime, ゼロの使い魔.

11012.jpgNow I must agree that this is by far one of my favorite anime series currently. Powered through episodes 1-7 non-stop from 2AM to 5AM. It was so good that it kept me from my sleep. Anyone who doesn’t like this or thinks this is a dumb show, is retarded. It’s been a while since an anime has given me so many laughs. Pre-ordering that Louise PVC figure was probably the smartest choice I’ve made recently. Can’t wait for it to arrive. I can see where I am going to be spending my money in the next few months.

Anyways, for now I am watching the fansubs from Kuroneko, but I do not know how long that will last. The subs have some pretty obvious spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. *gives me more reason to become an editor*

I most likely will be switching to Ayu’s version when it is all complete, but Kuroneko seems like the only group that is really putting considerable effort and priority into this sub.

Anyways enough of the jibber jabber, I’ve taken the time and effort to comment on every single episode, since it really is that great.

So the anime has a few major characters. Louise obviously is the main character, and Hiraga Saito is the other main character. The two share some odd connection. Anyways, the setting is much like Harry Potter. Mages at a mage school, they sit in class, learn abilities and what not. They learn how to change simple rocks to brass. Some alchemy here and there. It is not witchcraft like harry potter, but everyone wears the same uniform that has cap like attributes.

Anyways, Louise is a 2nd year student, and every 2nd year student, upon starting their “second year”, they have to summon a familiar that stays with them for the rest of their life. For example, in Harry Potter, Harry has an owl as his ‘familiar’. Ron has his dumb rat and so on. Louise is the opposite of Harry, she sucks, pretty much at anything related to magic. She’s had a zero success rate on all of her spells, which deemed her the nick name Zero. Which is why the english title of this series is called Zero’s familiar.

Well while everyone else summons really cool familiars; Tabitha (another mage), summons a dragon type of thing that can fly. Kirche (Louise’s rival you could say) summons a salamandar. Louise, for some unrevealed reason summons Hiraga Saito, a commoner. Basically, someone who can’t control magic. Well that is how the story pretty much starts. Saito is Louise’s familiar and along with it comes complications and troubles. Oh yeah, Saito spends most of his time washing Louise clothes and underwear. -_-

In this episode you get to see the meaning of Saito’s existence. Obviously he is not here for no good reason. Saito controls a type of power that is still not yet well explained. Whatever his power is, it is pretty extraordinary. In this episode, Saito picks a fight with a noble (someone who can control magic), and in the beginning he is getting beat up but as things get more desperate, some how in some way, the “unlocked” powers that he holds is revealed and he opens a can of whup-ass on the guy. This guy which reminds me of that damn Vampire hunter in Karin. Blond hair, girl chasing arrogant bastard. Ooooo…I am hating this stereotype. I think I am seeing some cultural references here.

Anyways, Saito kicks his butt and wins favor among the other commoners and a few other nobles.

Enough plot development, in this episode, it is focused more on the main love triangle theme. Between Saito and almost every single girl in this series. Although most do not admit it, everyone loves him. Louise, saw what Saito did in the fight with Guiche (the arrogant pretty boy) and decides to get him a sword. She is not able to afford an expensive one (because she spent it all on doctoring Saito to health after his fight with Guiche), so they settle for a crummy rusted one. Here, Kirche makes her move to try to win Saito’s feelings, she gets him a really expensive sword that is supposedly strong and made in Germania or some crap. Anyways, before the episode ends, they find the crappy sword that Louise got is an intelligent sword and can talk. I do not know HOW this is related…but some how it is.

Again, another episode focusing on relationships but with a twist and some plot mixing. Siesta, a commoner, who is a maid at the school is taken away to a nobles house (Count Mott) to be his wife. Anyways, Saito comes to the rescue and tries to bust Siesta from the nobles house. They strike a deal. If Saito can bring him Kirche’s secret family book then he will release Siesta. Of course thinking since he won the fight against Guiche easily he could do the same with the Count, so he goes back to Count Mott, this time with a sword. Count Mott is a Triangle Mage (Mage powers are based on their levels of shapes). To Saito’s demise, the power he felt is lacking and just when he is about to get stabbed, Louise and friends interject. And through a series of semi-boring events, Kirche gives the book to Count Mott. Saito only then realizes that it is a porn book from his world. Apparently the secret book was summoned a long time ago and was kept as a treasure from Kirche’s family. In the last scene we see Siesta give Saito a kiss on the cheek. So there is a complex love game going on. -_-

This episode is pure plot. Recently there have been rumors about a thief wanting to break into the school treasure room to get to the “Staff of Destruction”. But at the same time it is the familiar Evaluation Fair, where all the masters and their familiars have to show off something about their familiar. Obviously, you can imagine Louise is in the pinch seeing that her familiar is a human. Saito offers that he can show everyone how good he is at washing Louise’s under-ware, since thats really all she ever asks him to do. Anyways, Louise wants this to be a special occasion because the princess is coming to the Evaluation Fair. Apparently, for some reason also unknown, Louise and Henrietta (the princess) were childhood play mates and have a very good relationship. Well with the princess coming, the school reallocates their guard on the treasure room and with that the their comes and tries to steal it. After Louise’s embarrassing show with Saito, they accidentally catch the thief in the act of trying to steal the “Staff of Destruction”. The thief has summoned a golem and is trying to break down the walls to the room by sheer force. Anyways, Louise tries to stop the thief but only ends up helping her by blowing up the wall, weakening the structure. All ends as expected, the thief gets away with the staff and no one is really hurt. But who is the mystery thief!?

This episode, probably being by far my favorite episode for a few reasons:

1. We get to see Tabitha and her uber cool dragon.
2. We get to see Tabitha cast a spell for the first time! Although her powers are exaggerated.
3. We get to see Kirche cast a spell as well. A fire spell.
4. We once again get to see Saito kick ass with his sword.
5. We get to see Saito kick even MORE ass with a rocket launcher.
6. Finally, we get to see Louise in some really nice clothing. She’s hot. She’s loli. 🙂
Anyways, this episode is pretty simple. The school calls Louise, Tabitha and Kirche to a private meeting to discuss what the thief looks like. They quickly identify her and find that there has been a suspicious person living in the forest alone. They decide to dispatch a team to go find this thief and retreive “The Staff of Destruction”. Louise volunteers to go, and with that Kirche and Tabitha agree to go as well. Strangely, the secretary of the head master decides to go with them. So they go on their way and go to the forest to find this thief. They find the house and they find the “The Staff of Destruction” but all too easy. With no problems. As soon as they discover the staff, the golem appears again! And yes, we get to see cool magic but its short. Saito decides he must kick some ass as well, so he grabbed the golden sword given to him by Kirche, and upon swinging it at the golem it snaps! So Saito has no other way but to resort to the crummy sword Louise bought him, and instantly the mark on his hand starts to glow and he starts to kick major ass. Well, he doesn’t get anywhere since the golem can regenerate all his body parts so the battle is pretty much at a stalemate. Louise realizes this and tries to use “The Staff of Destruction” on the golem. Saito sees Louise swinging the thing around and immediately recognizes the weapon as a freaking rocket launcher. He runs over to her, loads it up and blows the crap out of the golem. All is saved, except when they find that the thief is actually the secretary herself! Apparently, she didn’t know how to use the staff either and had set up this scheme in hopes that Saito would reveal how to use it. But little does she know that a rocket launcher has only one shot. So, Saito pwns her and then all is well. The culprit is found and everyone is happy. In honor of such great work, Tabitha, Kirche and Louise get a special banquet. Here we get to see Louise all dressed up. We can see a warm relationship growing between Saito and Louise…NOT!

So for a job well done, Louise and Saito are called to the Princess for a special mission. The queen has heard rumors of nobles unfairly treating commoners. The incident with Count Mott and Siesta is an example. Princess Henrietta wants Louise and Saito to go into town and investigate for her, to see if these rumors are true or not.

And so Louise and Saito set off into town. Being the snobbish noble Louise is, she wants to live in a really expensive hotel and have the best horse and the best of pretty much everything the town has to offer. To her demise, the Princess only gave her a small amount of money, and so it is not enough. Louise decides that she needs more, and gambles it all off. She loses it all, and is forced to work in a hotel/bar for the price of a room in the attic. That is pretty much the whole premise of the episode. It is called Louise’s Part-Time job, so that is pretty much what happens.

We get to see Louise in some frisky clothing, and like always, we get to see guys try to grope at her.

Long story short (cause I am lazy), Louise does indeed find nobles that are mistreating commoners, and puts them in their right place and wins the tip contest of the week. As a reward for getting the most amount of tips, Louise gets to wear the special dress that is supposedly imbued with some magic that “turns-heads”.

*Pros of this episode*
– We get to see Louise in more frisky clothing.
– We get to see Louise snuggle with Saito.
– We get to see Louise wear the special dress.



1. windbell - August 24, 2006

[…] I can see where I am going to be spending my money in the next few months. […]

Could you pre-order more louise’s PVC and send it to me? 🙂

2. LuXuRy - August 24, 2006

Looks pretty good.

I might check it out once I finish up some other series.

3. t3h Dave - August 25, 2006


4. Adun - August 25, 2006

Kuroneko isn’t the only fansubber of ZnT. Froth-Bite also are subbing this and they are pretty up to date. Plus their filesizes are smaller without comprimise of quality. So far I am enjoying ZnT but it’s a shame that it will end at 13 episodes. From what I read of the light novel summaries, it is really ecchi and has a darker tone in the more later volumes of the light novel.

Yes I preordered the Louise figure as well. Can’t wait!

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