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Zero No Tsukaima (ep 8) Review August 25, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime, ゼロの使い魔.

Ahhh, this is the episode that focuses on Tabitha and her past. Something I really do not care about, but none the less it is good. It is good because we get to see Siesta strip and Louise getting jealous. I personally, do not like the way they presented this episode with strip of this and that going on. It was not hard to follow, but it was just annoying.

Anyways, Louise and Saito are returning from their trip and everyone has gone off to home for summer vacation and what not. They see Kirche and Tabitha preparing to leave. Tabitha has decided to let Kirche go to her home for that summer and stuff. So they go off, and we see a side story of why Tabitha is so reserved. Apparently, Tabitha is a part of the royal family. Her father was the previous King’s brother or something. Anyways, someone wants to kill Tabitha and her family, so at a party, they poison Tabitha’s drink, but her money finds out at the last minute and snags the drink and swallows it herself. Thus making her insane, and by the wishes of the people who want to destroy Tabitha’s family, they force her to go to an outside school. That is pretty much it for Tabitha’s part.

But for Louise and Saito, their little love game just keeps growing. Saito, finds a large tub that he can use, so he cooks up some nice hot water and takes a bath. *something he has not done ever since he got to Louise’s world* Siesta sees him and she ends up stripping and joining him. Louise sees this and is obviously pissed off and ends up drinking this potion of “love” or something that Montmorency had originally set up for Guiche (she wanted him to get off her back, so she planned to have him fall in love with someone else). Well, obviously Louise drank it, and sees Saito and starts to crawl all over him, and confesses her love for him. Not much happens.

Not much of a highlight, but it does make you want to see the next episode.



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