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Zero no Tsukaima (ep 9) Review + DVD Release News September 5, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime, ゼロの使い魔.

So I’ve decided to stop giving detailed summaries, as I am doing reviews off of fansubs. Which is pointless because you can just watch the episode yourself. Now if I watched the RAWs and could understand the Japanese then there would be a point.

Anyways, this episode gives more light into the antagonist of the series. And of course we get to see Louise acting the way we all wish she would. (Not the bitchy side). I thought this whole love potion ordeal would just be story development towards Louise and Saito, but it turned out to be more than just love story development. Lots of plot progression in this episode.

Anyways, Cromwell is finally given more light and perspective as to who is kind of is. We still don’t know, but at least we know for sure that he is one evil S.O.B.

So, cutting this short, I’ve increased the number of screen-shots and the width of each shot, so people can actually look at and evaluate the episode through pictures.

No one really wants to read my rants anyways.

The following was taken from http://www.chara-ani.com/ditails.asp?prdid=CHA060090
It is news discussing the DVD release of Zero no Tsukaima.

ゼロの使い魔 DVD全巻セット(キャラアニ特典付)

才 人を異世界に召喚したのは、可愛いけれど魔法の才能ゼロのご主人様・ルイズ。突然、目の前に現れた謎の高慢な美少女に戸惑う才人に、彼女は契約だと言っ て、いきなり唇を重ねてくる…!すると彼の手の甲に不思議な文字が浮かび、才人はルイズの使い魔となってしまうのだが…!?
・キャラアニ特典:オリジナル複製原画(イラスト 兎塚エイジ)
・発売予定日:第1巻 2006年9月22日 以降、毎月下旬に発売予定。
販売価格 :
32,550 円 (税込)
商品種別 : 予約商品
支払方法 : クレジット/コンビニ/郵便振替/ネットコンビニ
2006年7月28日 ~ 2006年9月22日まで予約受付中!!

cha060090l3.jpgNow first seeing this, I thought they must be crazy. Trying to sell the entire box-set to you for 32,550 yen. By September 22, the anime will have either just finished airing on TV or just about to finish, how could they produce the DVDs so quickly and readily with a nice box?

So I knew that this deal could not include all the DVDs at once. So what was the catch? Did the package come with some pre-worn panties of Kugimiya Rie with left over fluids or something? -_-

It turned out that I was wrong. No pre-worn panties. This apparently is a deal you buy, and they ship you all the Limited Edition (First Press) DVDs as they come out, guaranteeing you that you have a full set. It is also said that if you buy this set, you get entered into a raffle which you can win some original work by the staff cast. There is something about original artwork as well. Not sure, anyways, nice set none-the-less.

Now I know where I am putting my money in the next few months.



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