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Melissa Seraphy 1/8 Scale PVC Figure September 10, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Merchandise.

Character is from the game Waga Mama Capriccio.

Strangely, I can’t seem to find the title on anidb or animenfo. It probably means this game has not been turned into an anime yet. Anyways, this is a wonderfully sculpted figure by Akihide Muraki. The original was then produced under Good Smile Company. The company we trust, “oh-so-much”.

They do QUALITY work. So, anything they make is worth it.

Got this in the mail while I was in Taiwan. Anyways, here is another figure to add to my ever growing collection.

Not much to see here, except for the find detail of the box and its awesomeness.

Now if you look closely enough, and look through the pumpkin’s carved eyes, you can kind of spot her panties. When I had gotten this figure, I didn’t think you would be able to look through like that. I thought the eyes would be blacked out and the only way to see her half naked was to remove the pumpkin. Which apparently is possible.

I took her out of the box…this is one well made figure. I was a little disappointed to find her hair a little under-detailed. The colors seem a little bland where her hair spins out, but I guess that is a minor detail. Her clothing seems a little thick as well but at least the color is correct and isn’t bleeding into any other parts of her clothing.

However, the pumpkin and the wings in the back, are really really nice. For a PVC that seems so complicated, Good Smile Company did one hellava kick ass job.

Even if you haven’t played Waga Mama Capriccio, this figure is still worth the bang for your buck.

Through popular demand, people have asked me to take pictures of Melissa with the pumpkin off. I do not know of a way to remove the pumpkin safely without breaking her. So here is a picture of someone who has done it.

Props go to Fenix for the picture…




1. Ledoux - October 5, 2006

Waga Mama Capriccio is a game, not an anime.

2. milkmandan - October 5, 2006

thank you for the correction

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