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1/8 Scale Wakabo Sakura Resin Kit September 14, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Merchandise.

Finally…my first product from E2046 has arrived.

A recast resin kit of Wakabo Sakura and Lovely Cat (1/8 scale, Sculpted by Hiroyuki Tsumezuka)
The shipping took longer than expected, but the packaging was quite good. They put the resin kit in a ‘hard’ plastic container and filled it with air packaging material then wrapped the plastic container in packing paper.

The kit is not very large. I guess for $36 dollars it is a little bit overpriced, but it is cute none the less.

A close up picture, I didn’t know Wakabo was from Snow until I saw the logo on the paper.

Unlike my Haruhi Suzumiya kit, they added bubble wrap inside the plastic bag. I was relieved to know that they did this; I was really afraid the parts would be smashing against each other, and the more fragile parts would end up breaking or snapping.

Well here is what the finished product is suppose to look like, I know there was a better picture of this complete figure somewhere but I can’t find it right now.

I am expecting a few more figures from E2046 in the next few weeks.



1. Eckilsax - September 14, 2006

That looks cute. ^-^

Exactly how hard is it to properly paint a resin kit?

2. milkmandan - September 15, 2006

well just to let you know, i am not painting my own kits…
to do a good job, it is fairly hard.
the figure requires a lot of time and effort
a lot of sanding, painting, airbrushing and gluing will be required.

3. icie - September 19, 2006

“KAWAIIIIIII yooooo! Omochi kaeri shitai~~” -Rena
so you not doing it…your friend doing it? or gonna ebay it out again?

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