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BUBBA’s Haruhi Suzumiya Bunny Resin Kit September 25, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Merchandise.

FINALLY…it arrived.

*Please do NOT ask me how much this cost.  It cost me more than both my arms and legs, my left testicle, half my penis and my kidney was donated as a side bonus.


After waiting a freaking long amount of time for this to come, it finally arrived!

Pardon the blurry camera and horrible picture taking skills. I was at work, in the filming studio. My Digital Camera was running out of power since yesterday (giving the “no-battery” blink). I quickly assembled Haruhi together and snapped the pictures before my camera gave away.

Yes, believe it or not, some assembly was required. Not much, but enough to make me fustrated. I was afraid of snapping her head off or breaking the strings on the guitar.

Again, blame my camera. I turned flash on, to hopefully get a better picture. It only made her look like an albino. Oh well…sadly, the resin kit did not arrive in 100% complete utter BUBBA perfection. Though a little bit disappointed, the damage was extremely minor and can be ignored. Expecting this to come 2,000 miles without any damage is equivalent to expecting Kugimiya Rie to suck my cock for a month.

So with that in mind, can anyone spot the minor damage to the figure?
Please don’t say the following, it will just show how retarded you are.

“OH! She’s painted wrong!”
– I don’t give a rat-ass. This one is closer to the anime than that fugly BRONZE one.

“The guitar is misplaced!”
– The guitar was never connected to the resin kit in the first place. I had to manually place the guitar in her hands.

“Her pose is off!”
– The original Haruhi by Bubba was never ‘mounted’ to the base, she is held up by internal copper wire supports. I can spin her 180 degrees if I wanted to.

Be smart in your guesses, don’t just say whatever you want to say.

Anyways, the package came in loads of packing paper and bubble-wrap. Each section of the figure was wrapped in tissue paper, then wrapped in bubble-wrap, and then placed separately in plastic boxes. Then all the plastic boxes were placed in one big box surrounded with packing paper and packing rice.

So with that said, this is probably my most expensive, most rare, and most rewarding figure.

Please do not insult this masterful work or give negative comments, I will promptly tell you to “shut the fuck up”.
Though far from the original BUBBA cast, this is much better than any cast kit that you will ever own. So be nice.



1. ^^ - September 25, 2006

oh fuck cooL!!!!

2. Windbell - September 25, 2006

Too much light!

3. t3h Dave - September 25, 2006

OMFG such a great acquisition!!! :O

4. SleepyNeko - September 25, 2006

you suck

5. icie - September 26, 2006

from what i can garner in your post, you seem pissed off. possibly pissed off at yourself for spending that much? 😉

You can afford it anyway, so suck in a huge breath and say WOAH!

Well, I didn’t feel like playing your little “comment and I flame you back” game, but here’s my shots. Hard to guess though, cuz of the lighting of the photograph and the low resolution.
1) The guitar tuning knobs seem to be a bit bent.
2) She seems to be missing her eyebrow above the opened eye

6. milkmandan - September 26, 2006

OMG ICIE YOU HIT IT. in two parts…
the guitar part and the pissed off part HAAHHAHAA

the eyebrow is there..just the picture sucks so you can’t see it

7. Kitee - September 29, 2006

Nice figure.
What’s the size of this kit?

8. milkmandan - September 29, 2006

The figure is 1/8 scale i believe.. I am not sure..it is either 1/6 or 1/8
It stands roughly 18cm-20cm tall.

9. seorang - September 30, 2006

Is there fishnet stockings? Or is my eyes fooling me?

And what minor damage?

10. milkmandan - September 30, 2006

Yes…there are fishnet stockings.

11. jugo - October 19, 2006

who painted it ?

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