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DVD Rewinder / South Park Meets World of Warcraft October 6, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Random.

I finally found my ideal birthday present for myself!

I want this!!!

The DVD RewindeR! Totally awesome, and 100% real!

I dunno know about you, but I just hate rewinding my DVDs manually after watching them. Thank goodness someone came up with the DVD RewindeR to relieve my tired hands. Just snap the disc on top, press the button and watch in wonder as your disc spins up thanks to the “Centripetal Velocity Spindle.”

This has made my day.

In other news, recently South Park creators teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment and created a South Park episode ‘about’ World of Warcarft.

Part 1 (9 min : 22 sec)

Part 2 (9 min : 27 sec)

Part 3 (3 min : 02 sec)

I don’t know how long these youtube links will be available, as I am pretty sure having parts of the South Park episode up on-line are illegal, but whatever.

The sad part about this is that it is very true. The absolute truth in the irony is what makes it even funnier. Fat guys, sitting at home, teamspeak, no life, eating while playing, playing at work, more than half of them of Koreans, all alliance players are 12 year old snotty boys (it was a subliminal message).

Stuff like that. Well anyways, if anyone is wondering how they made the episode, Blizzard did help in the animation of footage within World of Warcraft.



1. icie - October 9, 2006

The PK’er also acted like Hard Gay.

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