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スカイガールズ (Sky Girls OVA) December 5, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in スカイガールズ.

106491.jpgSurprised I was unaware that this was fan-subbed by Froth-Bite and that I missed the release.

-Story Synopsis-

A.D. 2079, A mysterious mechanical cellar cluster begins “Human Being Sweep Operation”. After two years’ war, the human beings are outnumbered by the cluster, and they finally decide to use the ultimate weapon. Sacrificing their continent, they manage to eliminate the enemy. However it causes most of the continents to split, Antarctica disappears and 50% of the world slips under the sea.

Three years later, the enemy cluster that is supposed to have been destroyed is found by the Midway. To identify them, an aircraft carrier, The Koryu, leaves a Japanese port secretly. The Koryu carries three fighters designed by scientists of the Japanese Navy. They are Aviation Exoskeleton Sky Divers, Reijin, Fujin, and Raijin. The pilots of these fighters are three young girls called Sky Girls, Sakurano Otoha, Sonomiya Kren, and Ichijo Eika.

It’s time to fly into the air carrying the future and dreams of the human beings.


In all honesty, I was not expecting much, but this OVA actually turned out pretty good. I pity that it is only an OVA. For something so wonderfully animated and detailed I was expecting a larger project investment.

Anyways, as they say, pictures are better than words, so here is a short summary in pictures.

I will not lie, the girls look loli, but that is also why this OVA is good. Loli’s + Mechs + Explosions = Win.

That is one cool MP3 player, but then again, we aren’t looking at the MP3 player now are we? 😉

Yeaaah..low cut bikini’s ftw? I am not complaining.

So, apparently, the girls need to wear this suit that looks pretty retarded and is quite revealing. In all practical sense, the suit probably serves no purpose in being so revealing.  The girls will be flying up in the air, won’t they be freaking cold flying around in clothes like that?  Oh wait, then again this anime is under the ecchi genre, nothing has to make sense.

This OVA had it’s fair share of panty shots.

Before the girls can get plugged/loaded into the mechs they gotta be covered in nanoskins (or something close to that).  It supposedly protects them from harm while fighting.  With so much awesome technology at their disposal, you would think they’d research a better way to protect the pilot?

And yet again, like ALL anime with mechs, all mechs have a time limit.  Apparently the nanoskins disintegrate after 18~20 minutes of use.  I mean come on, wtf?  You got a mech with huge amounts of missiles and extensive firepower, why not remove a laser cannon or two and add some shields?

Yeah, if only I could give her a hand.

The big monster bad guy, that plans to destroy all of mankind.  Shooting projectiles, Macross style.

Apparently Otoha (the girl in the picture) is some uber pro at the sword.  Yeah, she’s kicking some ass.

Horray!~  They kill the big bad monster thing!

So the episode ends, and they are once again in their low cut bikini’s.  What starts well, ends well. 😉

Ending credit snapshots.

A short but very enjoyable OVA.  Lots of ecchi, explosions, mechs, and girls.  What more could you ask for?