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Zero no Tsukaima (eps 10-12) Review September 26, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime, ゼロの使い魔.

As they say pictures can speak for themselves…

I didn’t like this episode. It was rather stupid, plot driven, and way too quick. The story has progressed too damn fast for anyone to catch their breath. I guess the only thing we get to really see here is Louise in ‘true’ loli form.

And whats worse, the bad guy of the series is a pedophile! Seeking out to marry Louise, a girl that is obviously 10+ years younger than him. He has a BEARD. Wtf. When I found out Ward was an old ass faggot (he looks old), I was pretty pissed. *cough* jealous *cough*

Now this was a romantic episode. Probably the only thing going for this anime is it’s love story between Saito and Louise. We find out Louise is a Void mage and Ward runs away with the letter and plans to destory the world. Heh, frankly I don’t care, the best part was when Saito kisses Louise. That was the only highlight. Hooray~

I don’t know why, but this struck me as probably one of the best episodes in the series, next to the one where Saito finds the rocket launcher. Any time this anime shows connections between Saito’s world and the world of mages, is when this anime is actually any good. No wait…screw that. The only reason why this episode is any good is because we get to see Louise half naked. Yesss…that has to be it. There is NO other reason. Louise is half naked and we get a good shot of Louise’s ass in the beginning. Yes that has to be it.

Clicky below for the PROOF.

Okay enough of that…so with one episode left, my partial conclusion is that this anime is not bad, but it is not awesome sick good. Rozen Maiden was awesome sick good. We will have to see what episode 13 brings us.

Although this anime is so-so, the series, in my judgement is still DVD worthy.

First Press Limited Edition ftw!~

Awww crap now I gotta catch up on Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.