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Kanon (ep 2) Review October 13, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Anime, Kanon.
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For those who keep bitching about how Kanon is so much like Haruhi Suzumiya.

srsly…can we just stop about the whole “omg Haruhi = Kanon”
its really stupid..its like people are still hanging on the to the Suzumiya fan explosion and everyone just likes creaming over the idea that Haruhi and Kanon share “SO MANY” similarities. anything Kyoto Ani does is related to Haruhi, AIR and Kanon. IT is the SAME company , WE KNOW O_O. stfu!

dont force me to dig out my freaking AIR DVDs and start giving lectures about how Misuzu looks like Ayu or Mikuru.
it is anime we are watching not television. Brad Pitt does NOT LOOK LIKE Matt Damon. Matt Damon does NOT look like Leonardo Dicap-, WE KNOW.

Looking closely…the only major defining difference in anime between two characters is their hair color/style, clothes and height. This is just how anime is. Take the following pictures:

Shave off Mikuru’s hair and replace it with Ayu’s hair and her cloths. OMFG she looks the same. I am tired of everyone stating the obvious and not realizing the difference.. Ayu and Mikuru share the same expressions, but thats it. If you want to make comparisons between similarities, freaking rewatch AIR. There are WAY more similar scenes and expressions in that, than Haruhi. All of you show KNOW by now that MOST facial expressions are the same across a series, let alone an animation company and creative company. so in the end, no one gives a ****.

In episode 2, Nayuki says “fight!” just like Misuzu. “OMG someone please say Nayuki is like Misuzu -_-.”

Why doesn’t anyone make a comment about Yukito..how come he doesnt “look like anyone”? -_-

okay..cooling off….
just finished Kanon ep 2…SS-Eclipse is the fastest and will be for the rest of the series…they are just ****ing good and fast.

well i liked this episode better than the first one. it was a lot funnier.

Thank GOD they didn’t take out the “Asa….Asa dayou…asa gohan…..blah blah”
Too bad it is a cat though 😦 Nayuki likes frogs. damnit


haha I was getting evil thoughts around 3:25 🙂 looks like something else..


I dont remember the jam that Akiko made..was that in the Original Kanon? someone refresh my memory…
oh well it was funny to watch Yuuichi’s reaction, though it is very different from the whole Kanon atomosphere. kinda made feel separated from the original kanon. for better or for worse, i am indifferent about the change.


They kept this idea which is good: “If there is even one person who wishes that Yuuichi would remember, then I think you should remember”


I dont remember the school in Kanon being THAT large. This school reminds me of the private international high school i used to go to. -_-

and WHY WHY WHY do all anime characters ALWAYS sit in the SAME SPOT of the class room.
in series such as the following. the main and sub-main charactesr always sit in the far left bottom corner of the class room next to the window..
| . . . . . . . . . . .|
| . . . . . . . . . . .|
| . . . . . . . . . . .|
| . . . . . . . . . . .|
| x x . . . . .. . . |
| x x . . . .. . . . |
Card Captor Sakura
Midori no Hibi
has anyone ever figured out WHY the Japanese always do this? O_O


anyways the humor in ep 2 is like ep1. it is quick and short, to the point…and the scenes cut to the obvious.

the self narration part was funny too…
and the part where Yuuichi says “Misaka Kaori….is a very cool girl” was totally unexpected.. you’d think he’d respond like he does to everyone else and say “you are weird”


the chopsticks part was random….Yuuichi’s facial expression was just too great. ahaha 🙂
i like how Ayu bounces 🙂


prob the best parts of this episode are Ayu’s facial expressions when Yuuichi talks about her indirectly.
“Listening to what you say, makes me sound like a villan.” har har 😉


oh well Makoto finally shows herself in this episode. The plot seems to be progressing steadily. But you can pretty openly spot the filler content in each episode.

Ayu = cute 🙂 yum*