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Kiwi! by Dony Permedi November 15, 2006

Posted by milkmandan in Random.

Old things never die, and should not be forgotten.

This is touching and very powerful short clip by Dony Permedi.
I cried a little >_<

“Kiwi!” is an animation about a Kiwi – a type of bird that cannot fly, who spends its whole life working towards achieving his dream. The kiwi strived to create the illusion that it was flying over a forest as it soared down through the sky from the top of a cliff. Thus, the kiwi spent what must have been its whole life nailing trees to the side of a cliff. All this, to fulfil its one dream of flying, even though it was technically unable to. There are several powerful messages behind Kiwi, but mainly, it makes you think: no matter how absurd and seemingly out of reach your dreams are, what’s stopping you from achieving them? Kiwi’s had a huge online success, with currently over 1.75 million views and 9000 comments on the online video site ‘YouTube’ in approximately just 3 days. The animation has been recently featured on YouTube and currently ranks in at the #1 favorited video in the arts and animation category of all time. As I’m sure you’ll agree, “Kiwi!” is an inspiration to us all.

His website is at http://www.donysanimation.com/
*sigh* Makes me wonder why I didn’t change my major to digital arts. Maybe it is not too late.